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Who We Are

First Baptist Church is a Welcoming Community of Christian believers that works to be progressive, inclusive, and faithful in ministry.

We welcome and represent many voices, but act as one people, united in lively worship, progressive in social justice, and gracious in Christian hospitality.  We believe that our Christian journey is lived best when experienced together, learning, growing, and celebrating, and that widening our circle to include everyone is an important part of that journey. As a worshipping community we enjoy a varied and blended style of music and spiritual expressions.

Members of the LGBTQ+ community will find us to be a safe, loving, and accepting faith community, where all are respected and encouraged to participate in the full life and mission of our church.

First Baptist Church is founded upon Relationships.

We believe we are called in a united mission to connect with God, with one another, and with the world around us.  Our theology calls us to action to communicate to a needy world the mysterious reality of God’s healing presence among us. We believe that our respect for one another is paramount to our success as a faith community.

First Baptist Church has chosen to affiliate with the Philadelphia Baptist Association, the American Baptist Churches, USA, and the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists.

First Baptist Church is a Community of Justice.

As a congregation committed to living out God’s calling, we dedicate ourselves to work with and for God’s movements of justice, equity, reconciliation, and peace.  Our theology calls us to action to communicate to a needy world the mysterious reality of God’s healing presence among us.

First Baptist Church is a Community of Resurrection Faith.

We believe in the most basic and essential affirmation of Christian faith: that Jesus rose from death to bestow life on the world. This resurrection theology applies to our faith in new beginnings for our ministry here in Center-City Philadelphia. While honoring and learning from our 300-year history, we look now to new leaders with a renewed vision of the future. Just as the founders of First Baptist molded the foundling church – and the City of Philadelphia – so now we look to a new future for our congregation, our community, and our city. We acknowledge that God is working a purpose out through us and our ministry here and now.

First Baptist Church believes that Every Person Has The Capacity To Serve.

We practice the truth that everyone is a minister by encouraging every member to find a place to serve within the organization of our church or within their own communities of influence. Here all will find a diverse community that values each others’ differences as strengths.