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Holy Week


Holy Week is a time for us to re-explore and reflect on Jesus' crucifixion, burial, and resurrection. For many, this is annually lived-experience of reconnection with the Risen Lord. All of our services are live-streamed, but you can always watch later.

Join us in experiencing Christ together!

Palm Sunday 

March 28th @ 11:30am

Join us as we walk through Jesus' final week--starting with the triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Hosanna!

Lenten Bible Study

March 31st @ 6:00pm

We'll be exploring in-depth the final moments of Jesus' life, using Scripture as our guide.

Maundy Thursday Service

April 1st @ 7:00pm

We'll be worshipping alongside of The Green Church during this solemn reflection of Jesus' Last Supper and betrayal.

Easter Sunday

April 4th @ 11:00am

Join us in celebrating the world's greatest victory--together!

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Easter Outreach

Every year, First Baptist partners with more than 75 other communities in providing over 40,000 meals to those suffering from food insecurity. You can help! 

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Emmanuel Ministries

Join us as we serve food directly to Philadelphia's most vulnerable.

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